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Forwarding and Masking

Direct any domain name you own to your website.

Change of Registration

Assign your domain to someone else or change the domain contacts.

Total DNS Control

Manage your domain nameserver (DNS) records from one control panel.

Domain Locking

Domain locking prevents accidental or intentional transfers of domains.

Status Alerts

Monitor the status of your domain and get instant alerts for changes.

Auto Renew Protection

No need to watch expiration dates to make sure you renew on time!

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Registering a domain name builds your credibility on the internet. Use domain names to support your business and assist in creating a dynamic online presence. Your domain name establishes your online identity and increases branding, marking, and communication opportunities.

Yes. Register multiple domain names to keep your competition from registering a domain name that draws customers away from you. This will enable you to enjoy more opportunities to market to, and be listed on more search engines. You can also capture common misspellings of your domain name, instead of sending visitors to an error page.

Yes, Per our agreement with ICANN, we must add valid contact information to the WHOIS directory for each domain you register. However as part of the domain registration process we hide your personal contact information and display proxy information instead. NOTE:¬†Some registries don’t allow Private Registration if that’s the case your domain will show your personal information.

Absolutely. You can transfer you domain to The Domain Connection from other registrars. Transferring your domain to us involves two steps. You’ll complete some steps with your current registrar, and osme steps with us. We will guide you through these steps to make it as easy as possible.

Your domain must be registered with The Domain Connection in order to use domain forwarding. Within our domains settings page, you can then select to forward your domain to another website, social sites, online stores, or media sites. Once you choose a forwarding destination, simply follow the instructions provided to connect your domain. To learn more check here.

We give you full control over the DNS of your domain. To connect your domain name to your website you’ll need to change your nameservers. You will be able to change your DNS entries at any time on the DNS Management page, under the section, Nameservers. Learn more here.